Accumulated wealth

by ewout

Every generation can build upon the wealth accumulated by previous generations. Using the tools of our forefathers, we create new things and invent the tools for the next generation. While “tool” refers to a material entity, it is  the knowledge to manipulate our environment that made us humans who we are. Knowledge has always been important and we are accumulating it faster then ever in the information age. The invention of the internet was not a coincidence, it was a necessity. We simply needed a tool to search and share more knowledge faster.

The internet has moved the right to publish from the happy few to the crowd. It spawned blogs, wikis, fora, open-source collaboration. I’ve been a ruby developer for 4 years now and couldn’t even begin to describe how much steeper the learning curve would have been without all the free information available on the internet. Now it is time to give something back, to contribute to the wisdom of the crowd. Let’s blog and hope at least a few people get some value out of it.

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